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Refer people to unixshell# and/or TekTonic and make some extra cash! Earn 20% of every sale generated by your referrals. The details are below, but here's the gist of it:

  • Sign up, advertise your affiliate link, and every sale generated by someone who clicked through your link will earn you 20% one-time commission of the purchase amount.
  • Generate 20 commissions in a one month period and earn a $100 bonus!
  • No commissions are given for self-referred commissions.
  • Commissions can be applied to existing accounts or cash can be sent via PayPal or Check
  • We provide images sizes of 88x31, 120x600, and 468x60 for you to use. All images our served from our high performance servers.
  • You do not need to be a unixshell# or TekTonic customer to participate. Our affiliate program is open to anyone.

When a potential buyer clicks through the affiliate url, a cookie is set in their browser. This cookie remains in the visitor's browser if they leave your site, or even turn off their computer and log back in a month later. The only way it will be deleted is if the visitor deletes their cookies manually, reformats their hard drive, buys a new computer, etc...but for the average web surfer a cookie remains in their browser for a long time.

Then, when this visitor comes back to buy, after the sale is complete the affiliate script will be triggered by a little tag of code in the approval page that shows up after an order is finalized. It will launch the affiliate program and the script will look for the cookie, and if present reward the affiliate with the appropriate commission. Typically, the tag of code in the approval page will contain the final purchase price of the sale and the script will calculate the commission based on that value.

We also have an optional IP tracking mechanism which will track referrals in the short-term (less than a day, usually per-visit) if the visitor's browser doesn't accept cookies or they delete their cookies before they buy. However, the majority of the referral tracking is done by setting and reading cookies.

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