Due to lack of datacenter space, we are currently not accepting new orders.
For all of your VPS needs, please visit TekTonic.


This is an un-managed service which means we provide the account to you and you take care of everything from then on. This is how we are able to offer incredible prices.

What we will support:

  • Performance or reliability problems due to the host server.
  • Support for using and troubleshooting our Teknic control panel.
  • Custom kernel compilation to support additional features that cannot be added via a kernel module.
  • IP delegation.
  • Reverse DNS assignment for your servers IP addresses.
  • Maintaining and monitoring the hardware of the host server.
  • Licensing inquiries and issues.
  • Billing Issues.

What we will not support:

  • Performance or reliability problems due to problems caused by configuration or software inside the customers VM.
  • Installing and configuring software.
  • General Linux/BSD help.
  • Control panel installation, configuration, or problems.

If you require help we do have a community forum where anyone on the Internet, especially other customers, can interact with each other for help and conversation. unixshell# staff will moderate the forums and will post responses as desired.

System Administrators ARE available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in event of emergencies.

Need to contact support? Login to the Customer Portal using the link on this sites navigation menu or send an e-mail to support@unixshell.com.